I began to make or play music when was in scholarship, that particularly
popular music at the time affected me. H/M music and video game music, and
least classic music. and gathered in some bands.

 At first, I played vocal and percussions, then took positions to play
guitar, and composed.

 On 1997, I participated a rock band that played only one show, then it
disbanded and I ceased my music works until 2003.

 In 2003, I restarted to play guitar individually, after 2008, began to
consist my theory and, on 2015, started to publish my musical works, with
fore affection which proceeded my works its modern continual, from video
game music and gagaku, that is Japanese traditional music I heard after
'90s. To say simply, I began to compose instrumental music with Hichiriki
which is used to play on gagaku. On form it born from cutlet of
bamboo and looks like a brush and sounds like a woodwind instrument.

 My name "Ryusaku" means like flow or stream and making (composing
fluey). I play 7 strings guitar since 1995 and respect for who produced it
great (I DON'T KNOW that the best guitar player melodies Lydian mode
without him.). arigato.

near goal

 To improve the efficiency for making music, for example, a production
of making music costs only £1.

 To compose with country mind but it is progressive, like a another jazz
music (road I had walked is different from American walked.).

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